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Solutions and Treatments

We carry pre and post after care solution and treatments for permanent make up/microblading.

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Biotouch Color Lift

Color Lift is an amazing solution to use to correct or camouflage any old tattoo work on clients. Color Lift is versatile, in that you can mix it with many...


Ultra Duration Topical Analgesic Liquid

Ultra Duration Liquid is a great anesthesia to use in both microblading and lip blushing procedures. The liquid formula is easy to apply to open/broken skin and provide comfort as...


40% Black TKTX Anesthetic Fast Numb Cream

A Deep Numbing Cream for Topical Anesthetic. Additional 40% more numbing than other brands. Used for tattooing – eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, and permanent cosmetics.   Directions: 1. Wash the area receiving tattoo or laser treatment...


Zensa Topical Anesthetic

With 5% Lidocaine, Zensa Topical Anaesthetic provides a numbing sensation that desensitizes skin for painful procedures including laser hair removal, waxing, tattoos and injections. Zensa is manufactured in the USA...


DotC Blue Cream - Numbing Cream

Dot C Blue is a powerful anesthetic cream that is applied before a permanent makeup procedure. It can be used for numbing the client’s skin in microblading, lip, and areola...


Blue Gel Anesthetic

Anesthetic to be used by LICENSED PROFESSIONALS ONLY.    Blue Gel is highly recognized in the market as a powerful anesthetic used during tattoo procedures. This product is meant to be used...


Rewetting Solution

Rewetting Solution is composed of the proper levels of Alcohol, Glycerin and distilled water to effectively mix with your pigments.Add a few drops of Rewetting Solution to your pigments for a thinner consistency;...


NumbSkin Topical Anesthetic

Numbskin is a revolutionary non-irritating, non-oily numbing product that is very popular within the permanent makeup and tattoo industry.    Highlights: Rapid absorption rate. Can numb the skin within 15 minutes and stay...


Tag #45 Topical Anesthetic gel

The most popular numbing gel in the industry - Tag 45. Tag 45’s specialty is its use for numbing during the procedure on the skin that has been broken into...


Vitamin A&D Ointment

Vitamin A&D Ointment can applied to areas that have just been tattooed to help with the healing process.    Vitamin A&D is a petroleum based product.    Sold individually or in packs of 50...

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Biomaser Fixed Line Agent

The use of the Biomaser Fixed Line Agent will assist in a more pigmented color. Once applied to clients’ skin (eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips), it will create a more defined...


Magic Numb Gel

Magic Numb is a topical anesthetic gel that has changed the tattoo and permanent makeup industry. It has been developed and tested by the renown International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics....